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ACCA full form - Association of Chartered Certified Accountants (viewed: 64)
Rajan Vishwakarma (rajanatmiya05), 04.04.2018 10:24
As an account graduate the name - 'ACCA' might not be the first time you heard of it. So, let's talk more about it. I will try to give you some information regarding ACCA.

As ACCA full form states it's an association which conducts an exam which is widely accepted and acknowledged across the world.
To be an ACCA one has to give 2 sets of exams – one a fundamental level exam and the second one is a professional level exam.

ACCA exam papers information -

What is ACCA’s Full Form?
ACCA’s full form stands for Association of Chartered Certified Accountants. It is a prestigious accountancy body whose membership is internationally recognized. With an ACCA accreditation under your belt, you can practice in domestic or international venues with equal professional dignity. The certification is an endorsement of your acquired accountancy skills which attests your command over diverse and complex advanced accountancy concepts. More than half a million ACCA certified professionals render their services in about 170 nations.

Advantages of ACCA Certification
The benefits of ACCA certification are innumerable.

You can suffix your name with ACCA designation. As a ‘Chartered Certified Accountant’, you can render your services for diverse financial or management domains and earn a handsome income.
Your prospects of landing lucrative career opportunities increase manifold times.
In a tenured job, your exhaustive skill set would earn you faster increments and promotions compared to MBA or similar degree holders.
You can also hatch your own independent consultancy firm. Since your knowledge would not be limited to finance and accountancy only, you can play an active role in designing organizational strategies.
This expedites your progression to a senior management role. The certification course is highly pragmatic in nature and addresses knowledge verticals from international accountancy and audit standards. ACCA certification is equivalent to a full-time university degree. You can balance work and study as you get to appear for exams twice annually.

To know more about how to become an ACCA, to know about the challenges faced during ACCA preperation please go through our blog -

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