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Birth Certificate Pakistan HEC IBCC Attestation Karachi Pakistan (viewed: 60)
durfishan (durfishan), 29.04.2018 15:34
ASA, Birth Certificate Pakistan HEC IBCC Attestation Karachi Pakistan . Its easy to get certificates / marksheets / diploma or degree attestation from Pakistan just wanted to share this info for all my brothers and sisters from pakistan and over seas pakistanis , during my succesfull ECA assesment through pakistan. i have succesfully migrated through express entry visa but i forgot my required police character birth and marriage certificate from pakistan which was surely needed here . they did not accepted my old nikkah nama or old 80s birth certificates municipal corporation one although they did asked for nadra marriage certificate and nadra birth certificate pakistan. irrespective i didnt had to fly back to get it instead a highly recommended service through my friend in pakistan got it registered through my documentation , showed issued certificate samples to my details and they did it in just 7-10 days.

Just Not only they also get my documents attested from WES and my collegue for IQAS sealed envelope from Pakistan University. if you need such nadra birth certificate or nadra marriage certificate or attestation for requirement or embassy or by the immigration authorities then do not hassle to contact them through connecting here or copy pasting this link to your browser

hope this sort out your problem for spouse children visa issues or family immigration. Salam to all my pakistan brothers and sisters out there and good luck with your immigration process from Russia, Qatar , UAE , Kuwait , Oman , Saudi Arabia and middle east.

Good Luck
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