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How Do I Use A Barcode Scanner For Inventory Management? (viewed: 41)
Michael Dick (michaeldick), 02.05.2018 10:25

We have a small jewelry store. There are about 2500 items in stock and we need a new method of tracking inventory. I am not sure how barcode scanners work and was hoping someone with experience can tell me if my thoughts are correct and which barcode scanner types (if there are huge differences) to buy. Ideally, I'd want to be able to bring a tray of jewelry to the computer station, quickly point and scan every item in that tray, move onto the next tray and repeat until all 2500 items are done. Once done, I'm hoping the scanner or software will be able to tell me which barcodes have been scanned so I can cross check it with my last inventory check to make sure if everything is accurate. Can someone please help advise if this method works or if there is a better way? Also, if you have scanners you could recommend too, that would be great!

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