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Updates of Google Algorithm: Panda, Content quality matters the most (viewed: 37)
Rajan Vishwakarma (rajanatmiya05), 05.06.2018 15:37
From a Digital Marketing point of view, it’s a vital and necessary to know all the Google panda updates and how Google Algorithm makes the search engine so accurate for the users. There are a lot of specific mathematics and logics behind these algorithms. We need to understand these very carefully. From SEO perspective, it is required to know why Google launches new update every now and then. It’s because Google always tries to improve the user experience. This is the ulterior objective. They work on providing a better result to the user to get the ultimate search satisfaction.

Google has modified its search algorithm a lot of times. These modification gives the business owners a challenge and a chance to rank higher in the search engines. Getting better rank has become a difficult task, but not an impossible one.

When we talk about Google algorithms, importance of Google Panda update cannot be ignored. After releasing this update many sites were brutally affected. It became hard to recover their old rankings and traffic. It’s a technology to filter the content. Post this update Google targeted low-quality content sites and blocked them for better search experience. To get relief from this update you have to focus on Content quality that should be fresh and unique.

Google Panda is a variation to Google’s search results ranking algorithm which was first released in February 2011. Google Panda update was made to lower the rank of " low-quality sites", and thus “higher-quality sites” comes near the top of the search results. There were 28 Panda updates launched by Google and Panda 4.2 was the last one which came on July 18, 2015.

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