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What is Mobile Marketing? (viewed: 36)
Rajan Vishwakarma (rajanatmiya05), 06.06.2018 15:50
Due to increased use of mobile phones, smartphones and tablets among users, mobile devices have given an ever-increasing opportunity to reach out to our potential customers and prospects.

Mobile Marketing can reach customers through mobile primarily through the following media.

Text – text messages/ SMS
Display – Static or animated images banners
Rich media – Combination of text and images to provide interactive experiences.
Audio & Video – Combination of Audio & Video clips to promote goods and services.
Incentivized media – A video or rich media advertising which incentivizes consumer and offers free credits, offers, coupons for watching ad, video.
With mobiles, advertisers have opportunity to send ads based on user’s location, proximity, device, telecom connection, digital behavior & physical behavior. This info makes mobile advertising a very powerful media and helps advertises to tailor their ad relevant to the customers.
In mobile advertising, the following aspects should be considered starting any campaign
Setting the objectives
Setting your goals & objectives is important. You should set goals that are Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Relevant, and Time Bound (SMART goals).
Allocate a budget
Set a right budget for your advertising plan. Your media plan may vary depending on your budget.
Decide on media mix plan
Media is a place where your mobile ads shall be placed. Make sure you select the right plan.
Design creative
Based on the media plan, creatives are chosen. It may be rich media, text messages, A/V , interstitial etc. One has to be concise & brief with the creative.
Set up tracking
Detailed plan to track & analyze media & ad performance
Optimization plan
Optimization is key. One has to choose wisely which media is working which is not. Optimize not only media but also creatives so as to achieve objectives. Allocate more money in ads which are performing better.
Mobile advertising & Mobile marketing is a growing discipline which has evolved in last few years. From SMS to Push notifications to contextual marketing everything has gained importance. Technology has evolved and so have the customers.
So every marketer thinking of mobile should be open to innovate, experiment, learn and adopt to stay ahead of the competition.

To know how to create a great mobile experience: read here:

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