25 апреля 2019 г.

The flip side of living and working in a big city is constant stress, long hours at work, often an unhealthy diet and the bad air. Is there anything busy urban professionals can do to improve the quality of life and increase life expectancy?

These were the key discussion points during CFA Association Russia’s evening seminar held on April 16 at EY Business Academy. 

An invited guest speaker, Vyacheslav Sinyugin, a professor of one of Russia’s top universities and member of the American Academy of Anti-Aging Medicine, gave a presentation on the latest developments in anti-age science and biohacking technologies to improve health.

Sinyugin gave a detailed presentation, focusing on a number of prevalent theories that exist around the question of aging. The discussion touched on the range of issues, including health and medical sciences, geriatrics, biology and human genetics.

Naturally, the presentation stirred a series of questions and lively debate afterward, which allowed the participants to share their personal experiences, thoughts, and further identify possible future developments in the field.

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