22 июня 2017 г.

Thomson-Reuters in cooperation with CFA Association Russia held a morning seminar on the company’s existing products, their proper use, and how financial analysts could benefit from using them.

During the event CFA Russia also broke the news that it has worked out an agreement with Thomson-Reuters based on which the members of CFA Russia will get a one-month free trial access to some of the company’s databases. 

Furthermore, all companies that hire CFA Russia members will also receive discounts when purchasing Thomson-Reuters data analysis tools.

The morning event, held at the Thomson-Reuters office, gathered over 30 financial professionals. There were three speakers from Thomson-Reuters at the seminar: Nikita Pavlov, the head of the capital and FX markets department, Ilya Parfenov, an AIM client specialist advisor, and Ekaterina Morozova, a business development manager.

Following a brief introduction by Vladimir Tutkevich, CFA Russia’s executive director, Nikita Pavlov took the floor. He began with an overview of the company and told a bit about the work of Thomson-Reuters’ office in Russia.

“I’m very proud that the team from Russia creates products that are relevant for everyone in the world,” said Nikita.

Ilya Parfenov was up next and focused on Datasteam, powerful Thomson-Reuters-built software that combines economic research and strategy development with analysis. According to Ilya, the program allows to bring together the “top-down” and “bottom-up” aspects of the investment workflow. Software also has strong analytical tools that provide critical data sources.

After a short coffee-break, Ekaterina Morozova gave a short presentation on how to analyze the foreign exchange markets and effectively trade using Thomson-Reuters databases.

On a final note, Vladimir Tutkevich said that the final details of the agreement between CFA Russia and Thomson-Reuters are currently being finalized and CFA Russia will disclose them within the next couple of weeks. Stay tuned for more information.

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