16 марта 2018 г.

On March 15, CFA Association Russia held a social event at the contemporary art studio Mos.Koop. The association wanted to thank all the volunteers involved in the Russian stage of the Research Challenge student competition. Without the help of volunteers it would have been hard to organize Research Challenge on a high level that CFA Russia has been doing it over the past several years.

This year, the local stage of the CFA Institute Research Challenge had 31 teams from 27 universities, including one school from Belarus and three from Azerbaijan. Throughout the competition teams made a financial report of a subject company; this season it was Detsky Mir, Russia’s leading chain of children’s toys retailer. Six best teams then advanced to the Russian local final during which the participants presented their work in front of a panel of judges. In the end, teams from the Moscow State University and New Economic School emerged as two winners. Now, these students will represent CFA Russia at the EMEA Regional Finals held in Ireland next month.

The social event gathered all industry mentors, judges, graders, and faculty advisers from a few Moscow universities. To express gratitude to volunteers, CFA Russia featured a presentation by Muriel Rousseau-Ovtchinnikov, the owner of the art studio and a renowned French artist, who gave an introductory lecture about modern art and the works of contemporary Russian painters.

For about 50 guests it was a great opportunity to put aside the monotony of work, see Muriel’s exhibition and catch up with each other over a glass of fine wine and delicate flavours of French cheese.

Muriel moved to Russia in 1993 after marrying a Russian painter, Nikolai Ovtchinnikov. Since then she has worked as a painter, designer, as well as founded the famous chain of cafes, Jean-Jacques (named after Jean-Jacques Rousseau to whom Muriel can trace back her lineage).

Through her paintings Muriel tells the story of her life – childhood spent in France, adult years filled with happiness, her arrival to Moscow and falling in love with Nikolai and Russia. Guests were keen on hearing Muriel’s stories and learning about the exhibition. In some way, the paintings were a look into her soul and an attempt to capture her memories filled with happiness.

After Muriel’s presentation and a few follow-up questions, the event smoothly turned into a friendly networking session during which the guests had an opportunity to meet each other over a glass of red Chilean wine and the servings of Brie cheese.

All pictures from the event are available here.

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