The CFA Association Russia and the Moscow Stock Exchange held the first session of their new joint course “Step-by-step Instructions for the Russian Stock Market”.

A seminar on the theme “ETFs: international practices and Russia” was held on June 16. This course consisting of five sessions, developed by experts at the stock exchange specially for the CFA Association (Russia), is intended to broaden one’s knowledge of investment funds and evaluating prospects for launching one’s own investment business. The lesson was moderated by Alexei Fedorov (from the division for working with participants in the stock market at the Moscow Exchange). A presentation was given by Vladimir Kreyndel from FinEx Plus. In that company he is responsible for developing the range of products for exchange-traded funds (ETF) and portfolio decisions based on index products.

The CFA Association Russia held a business breakfast dedicated to analyzing the effects of macroeconomic and political shifts and risks for the Russian market

On June 1 at the Kazan Bar, the CFA Association held a business breakfast on the theme “Effects of macroeconomic and political changes on asset management: risks in the Russian market”. Sharing their views on the country’s present and future were Business New Europe editor and publisher Ben Aris and founding partner and chairman of the research firm GaveKal-Dragonomics and GaveKal Research Limited, Charles Gave.

The Live Mock CFA Exam was held in Moscow

Two weeks before the real CFA exam, on May 21, 2016, the Live Mock CFA Exam was held in Moscow, organized by the CFA Association (Russia) together with Kaplan Schweser and the Department of Finance and Banking of the Russian Academy of National Economy and Public Administration (RANEPA).

CFA Association Russia held a business breakfast on venture investments

On April 28, CFA Association Russia held a business breakfast at Kazan Bar in downtown Moscow. Offering their views on the present and future market for venture investment in Russia were Oskar Hartmann, founder of KupiVip, Fast Lane venture fund and main investor in CarPrice, and Pavel Bogdanov, general partner in Almaz Capital.

Forecast Dinner 2016

The CFA Association (Russia) held its annual main dinner, the Forecast Dinner, at the Tchaikovsky restaurant.

Ассоциация CFA Россия провела бизнес-завтрак «Новые тенденции на рынке недвижимости: Европа 2016»

30 марта в "Казан баре" на Цветном состоялся бизнес-завтрак «Новые тенденции на рынке недвижимости: Европа 2016» (Emerging Trends in Real Estate: Europe 2016). Руководитель Группы по оказанию услуг компаниям сектора недвижимости PwС в России Доктор Хольгер
Мюллер представил результаты ежегодного опроса, проведенного ULI Russia и PwC в конце 2015 года, а также отдельно сделал уклон в своем выступлении на привлекательность группы с точки зрения инвесторов.

Тренинги Ассоциации CFA Россия по финансовому моделированию инвестиционных проектов

Наш популярный тренинг «Финансовое моделирование инвестиционных проектов» теперь доступен в дистанционном формате!

Annual General Meeting of CFA Association Russia

The Annual General Meeting of the Board of Directors and active members of CFA Association (Russia) was held at the Sberbank office at Romanov Dvor on March 16, 2015.

Business Breakfast: Relations with the tax authorities and what can taxpayers in different fields of economics and investment expect?

On Tuesday, March 15 at the Kazan Bar on Tsvetnoy Boulevard a business breakfast was held on the theme “Relations with the tax authorities: what can taxpayers in different fields of economics and investment expect?” The event was organized by the CFA Association (Russia) and PwC (Russia).

Master class on Effective performance on February, 15th.

On Monday, February 15, members of CFA Association Russia gathered in Hyundai Motorstudio on New Arbat street to attend the Master-class on How to Deliver Effective Presentations by Oleg Braginsky, prominent consultant and coach.

The CFA Association (Russia) looked at Singapore, a hot place today

The CFA Association (Russia) along with experts from the international tax services group Ernst & Young and the Confideri company, a multi-family office headquartered in Singapore, looked at the distinct features of doing business in the "Switzerland of the East", as Singapore is being called these days due to its investment-driven boom.

The CFA Association (Russia) enjoyed a breakfast of exotic derivatives

On Wednesday, January 27, the members of the CFA Association (Russia) gathered early in the morning at the restaurant Movida for breakfast and to hear a talk on such exotic financial instruments as derivatives based on weather, electricity, and energy.

Annual CFA Charter Award Ceremony 2015 in Moscow

As usually in December, CFA Association Russia presented CFA charters to new charterholders from Russia, Kazakhstan and Armenia. This year, 83 individuals from different countries joined CFA Association Russia.

CFA Institute Research Challenge Kick-Off meeting was officially launched on December 12 at the EY Academy

On November 12, 2015, CFA Association Russia launched the local stage of CFA Institute Research Challenge 2015-2016. Event was attended by the representatives of CFA community, EY company, and the students – main participants of the challenge.

Ассоциация CFA Россия провела для студентов Q&A Meeting при участии коллег из глобального CFA Institute

Во вторник, 1 декабря в корпусе Экономического факультета МГУ собрались студенты финансовых и экономических специальностей, перед которыми выступили Джордж Спентос член совета директоров в CFA Institute и Райнер Пратл , директор по связям с ассоциациями CFA региона EMEA.

Live Mock Exam 2015 in Moscow

Annual CFA Mock Exam took place at the Moscow State University in Moscow on November 21, 2015. This event, organized by CFA Association Russia together with Kaplan Schweser, was designed specifically to prepare CFA candidates for the upcoming December CFA Exam.

CFA Russia was recognized as The Most Outstanding CFA society worldwide in its size

On October 9 CFA Association Russia was recognized as the most innovative CFA Society in 2015 among 146 CFA societies in 71 countries. In 2012, CFA Russia was recognized as The Most Outstanding CFA society worldwide in its size.

Совместная вечерняя конференция Московской Биржи и Ассоциации CFA Россия по индивидуальным инвестиционным счетам (ИИС)

30 сентября Ассоциация CFA Россия совместно с Московской биржей провела вечернюю конференцию по индивидуальным инвестиционным счетам (ИИС) и продуктам фондового рынка.

CFA Institute presented Warren Buffett's case on ethics in Moscow State University's IB Club

On Saturday, September 12, 2005, the CFA Association Russia, together with the Faculty of Economics of Lomonosov Moscow State University and the students’ association IB Club, held a meeting between students at Moscow’s institutions of higher learning and two directors of the CFA Institute. The topic of this meeting was to examine the case of Warren Buffett’s firm Berkshire Hathaway, which in 2011 had to part with one of its most effective managers. David L. Sokol, whom Buffett had publically called one of his most successful hiring decisions, failed to meet the high standards of Berkshire Hathaway for behaving ethically in financial markets.

CFA Russia board members gathered for the annual strategy session

In September 2015 the CFA Association Russia held its third annual assessment of the Association’s strategy for the coming year. The Association’s board of directors is elected each year in February and holds monthly meetings where thirteen active Association members, called to serve for one year, carry out the business of the board of directors and examine the tasks, issues and events taking place in the given month.

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