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CFA Institute presented Warren Buffett's case on ethics in Moscow State University's IB Club

On Saturday, September 12, 2005, the CFA Association Russia, together with the Faculty of Economics of Lomonosov Moscow State University and the students association IB Club, held a meeting between students at Moscows institutions of higher learning and two directors of the CFA Institute. The topic of this meeting was to examine the case of Warren Buffetts firm Berkshire Hathaway, which in 2011 had to part with one of its most effective managers. David L. Sokol, whom Buffett had publically called one of his most successful hiring decisions, failed to meet the high standards of Berkshire Hathaway for behaving ethically in financial markets.

CFA Russia board members gathered for the annual strategy session

In September 2015 the CFA Association Russia held its third annual assessment of the Associations strategy for the coming year. The Associations board of directors is elected each year in February and holds monthly meetings where thirteen active Association members, called to serve for one year, carry out the business of the board of directors and examine the tasks, issues and events taking place in the given month.

Business Season Kick-Off With Golf Clinic for CFA Russia Members

The CFA Association Russia, which celebrated its 10-year anniversary last autumn, launched its business season at the Moscow City Golf Club on August 29. Some thirty participants in the morning clinic hit the range, got together with their colleagues, and thus joined the enormous community of golf lovers worldwide.

The workshop on Interviewing for an open position in finance

On Monday, July 6 at the Hyundai Motorstudio on Novy Arbat, the CFA Association Russia together with the SQ-Team consulting company led a master class on the theme Interviewing for an open position in finance. The event involved recruiters who specialize in finding staff for the financial and investment sector in Russia.

Investors for Startups: a joint project of the CFA Association Russia and the Skolkovo Foundation

On Monday, June 29 at the Technopark business center within the Skolkovo Innovation Center a seminar was held on collaboration between the founders of startups resident at the Skolkovo Foundation and potential investors. The organizers of the event were the CFA Association Russia and the Skolkovo Foundation.

Adoption of GIPS standards in Russia

On Wednesday, June 25 in the conference hall of the Moscow Stock Exchange on Vozdvizhenka Street a conference was held on the theme Adoption of GIPS standards in Russia. The organizer of the event was the CFA Association Russia.

Future of the International Monetary System was discussed with the Reserve Currency Institute

Tuesday, May, 26, 2015 CFA Association Russia conducted its business breakfast, where the current state of the international monetary system and the most likely scenarios of its transformation were discussed. The event, just like a number of previous ones, took place at Tverbul restaurant, Tverskoy Blvd., Moscow, and was held in English.

Business breakfast on ADRs, GDRs and HDRs with Bank of New York Mellon

Friday, May, 22, 2015 CFA Association Russia held its business breakfast dedicated to the peculiarities of emission and circulation of different types of depositary receipts. Usage of ADRs, GDRs and HDRs in the interest of investors and business owners became a topic for discussion as well. The event took place at Tverbul restaurant, Tveskoy Blvd., Moscow.

Investor presentation skills workshop for CFA Russia members and candidates

Thursday, May, 14, 2015, CFA Association Russia held its intensive seminar dedicated to the development of investor presentation skills. The workshop took place at Hyundai MotorStudio, Novy Arbat Str., Moscow. It was the first event in the series of short evening trainings on soft skills improvement scheduled for this year.

CFA Association Russia held the seminar on Aspects of project valuation on the example of bank and non-bank microcredit businesses

On the evening of April 16 at the Hyundai Motorstudio hall on New Arbat, a 2-hour seminar was held on the theme Aspects of project valuation on the example of bank and non-bank microcredit businesses, organized by the CFA Association Russia. Leading the event were two prominent specialists in the field of business valuation and investment banking: Denis Sitnikov, CFA, and Maxim Russkikh.

Business Breakfast on Recent Developments in Tax Legislation

The CFA Association Russia held a business breakfast in which representatives of the finance and investment communities discussed recent changes to tax legislation in the informal atmosphere of the Tverbul restaurant. Guests at the breakfast were members of the CFA Association Russia and CFA candidates, who had the opportunity to hear representatives of the consulting firm Ernst & Young and the law offices of Egorov Puginsky Afanasiev & Partners (EPAM).

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Student Team of the Higher School of Economics Became Local Winner for Russia of the CFA Institute Research Challenge

The National Research University Higher School of Economics won the Russian stage of the international student competition in financial analysis. The victory was announced by CFA Association Russia in the Moscow Exchange, where the competition took place.

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The AGM of the Board of Directors and active members of CFA Association Russia 2015

The Annual General Meeting of the Board of Directors and active members of CFA Association Russia was held at the Sberbank office in Romanov Dvor. A new Board of Directors was announced at the event. In addition to the nine active members (A. Teplitsky, D. Sitnikov, D. Ryabykh, M. Harlashkina, M. Shestakova, N. Sorokina, O. Zagvozdkina, V. Tutkevich, N. Withers), the event welcomed four new members: Ivan Belyaev, Anton Shpuntov, Peter Kadish and Gokce Tezel.

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CFA Association Russia has held a workshop on financial modeling of investment projects

CFA Association Russia held a workshop on financial modeling of investment projects. During this brief course, which took place in the RUSNANO office, specialists in the investment field learned how to create simple, clear, and error-free financial models.

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Analysts shared their visions for the development of Russias main industries in 2015

Recently at the Moscow Stock Exchange building, with the support of the CFA Association Russia, an evening of industry forecasts was held. This long discussion was the first attempt to formulate short-term forecasts for key sectors in the Russian economy for the new year 2015. Leading analysts spoke about the expectations for different sectors, possible sources of financing, investment prospects, and their views of the economic situation during this time of crisis.

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92 new CFA Charterholders were welcomed to CFA Association Russia on December 10

On Wednesday, December 10, 2014, 92 investment professionals from Russia and other CIS countries joined CFA Association Russia and became CFA Charterholders during a special ceremony at Moscows luxurious Soho Rooms club. For each graduate CFA Charter represents a valuable award, recognition of his success and significant achievement in his or her professional development.

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First CFA Thursdays event was the Private Equity master-class for university students

In November 2014, CFA Association Russia started a new series of educational events in partnership with IB Club of the Moscow State University. First event of the series was dedicated to the specifics of the Private Equity Industry.

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CFA Association Russia held a workshop for Moscow students on building a career in finance.

CFA Russia and IB Club along with portal held a workshop in the Moscow State University called "Building your Career in Finance". Meeting was conducted by professional finance and recruiting experts: Anastasia Glebova (CEO, Recruitment boutique S. M. Art) and Boris Yatsenko (Partner, Department of Transaction Advisory Services, EY).

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CFA Mock Exam Went Live in Moscow

Annual CFA Mock Exam took place at the Moscow State University in Moscow on November 22, 2014. This event, organized by CFA Association Russia together with Kaplan Schweser, was designed specifically to prepare CFA candidates for the upcoming December CFA Exam.

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