Closely follow developments at financial institutions, assessing the potential impact on the rated entity and maintaining the relationship with the rated entity.

Prepare credit reports on financial institutions (banks, investment companies etc.).

Present credit analysis on institutions to internal committee.

Follow sector-wide developments and assess their potential impact on financial institutions, participating in the preparation of special reports.

Participate in internal committees for other financial institutions.



· A good educational background, including strong results at degree level.

· A balance of incisive numerical and analytical skills, together with an ability to speak and write concise, fluent English (should have experience in writing essays/reports).

· Ability to work with big data, Excel skills

· CV in English only could be admitted

· Appropriate post-graduate academic or professional qualifications would be a bonus

· СFA is a plus

· Ideally candidates should have 3-4 years’ relevant analytical experience, which may have been gained in an in a banking or consultancy (Top Russian or Western Banks or Investment companies).

· Excellent communication skills.

· Able to contribute to team goals.


Please send your CV to Glebova Anastasiya (CEO Recruitment boutique S.M.Art)

Publication date 17.10.2017

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